RNAO welcomes a new cohort of long-term care BPSOs


Best Practices in Long-Term Care, Spring 2020 Issue

By: Heather McConnell, RN, BScN, MA(Ed), associate director, IABPG Centre, RNAO, Citlali Singh, program co-ordinator, LTC Best Practices Program, IABPG Centre, RNAO

RNAO launched six new long-term care (LTC) Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO)®. These BPSOs, cohort G, will engage in the pre-designation period from 2020-2023, along with 15 additional LTC BPSOs currently in the pre-designation phase (cohort E - 2018-21 and cohort F - 2019-22). The addition of cohort G brings the total number of LTC homes engaged in the program to 129.  

The new LTC-BPSOs selected to join the international designation program include:

Leaders from cohort G joined RNAO staff at the first virtual launch session on May 25th and discussed how they will partner with the association to build evidence-based cultures in their organizations through the systematic implementation of multiple clinical best practice guidelines (BPGs). They each provided an overview of their homes, their goals, and the guidelines they are implementing. They were formally welcomed into the program by RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun. 

At the second session on June 2nd, representatives from select pre-designate and designate BPSOs shared BPG implementation strategies, with a focus on champion engagement, the relationship between the BPSO Liaison and BPSO Coach, establishing an infrastructure, and integrating sustainability strategies into implementation planning. Another virtual session will enable each site to meet with their BPSO coach to clarify expectations of the initiative, identify key milestones, and prepare for implementation and evaluation.