Nurse Executive Leadership Academy equips nurse leaders across Ontario with personal and professional renewal and network building


Best Practices in Long-Term Care, Spring 2020 Issue

By Connie Wood, RN, BScN, MN, LTC best practice co- ordinator


RNAO was privileged to sponsor Lisa Davis, director of care for Extendicare Peterborough, to attend the 8th annual Nurse Executive Leadership Academy (NELA) through the LTC Best Practices Program.  Davis, a dedicated registered nurse and leader, found this year’s knowledge exchange forum to be “an enlightening and energizing experience.”

For three days at NELA, Davis could feel a sense of energy and pride in the room.  “Nurse executives from all sectors shared their experiences and stories. We listened to speakers with expertise in policy, practice and academic settings. They spoke to us about current and emerging issues,” Davies says. “I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Doris Grinspun. The dialogue provided us with a fresh perspective to support and enhance our leadership and practice roles.” 

One particular story from a family perspective, provided by the husband of a woman receiving care, illustrated how her caregiver’s decisions directly affected outcomes for his wife and family, which was heart-wrenching to Davis. “His story inspired me,” she reflects. “I felt how powerful his involvement with his wife’s care was, and I realized health-care providers at Extendicare Peterborough can make a difference by giving families a louder voice as a part of the care team.

“Since attending NELA, I now invite families to participate in our falls committee weekly meetings. Hearing their input and allowing an open discussion into the prevention of falls from a range of perspectives helps us all.”  

Davis went on to say: “I am thankful for this amazing opportunity. I left NELA feeling revitalized and eager from being engaged with such an incredible group. I am so proud to be a nurse.”

Each year, RNAO provides funding opportunities to nursing leaders in Ontario long-term care homes to attend NELA. If you are a nurse executive who is interested in attending, connect with your LTC best practice co-ordinator to learn when applications are available. NELA will be held in October 2020, and limited funding to support LTC nurse executives will be available later this year. You could have this unbelievable experience. Let’s talk